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30% increase in waste diverted from landfills


10% guaranteed cost reduction


5000 locations managed across the country

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Have a sustainability program or unique reporting requirement? We can help!

The sustainability dashboard demo will show you a ton of smart features to make managing your waste and recycling simple and efficient. And we all know simple and efficient = cost effective. 

Plus, you'll find out all about how our waste bin sensors work. Trust us - you'll be glad you did.

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Waste wizard

Waste Wizards

We get garbage. RecycleSmart’s team of Waste Wizards are the best in the business. They understand what’s in your bin, and how and when to get rid of it. No guesswork here. That’s why we call them Wizards.


Sustainability Analysis

Better data = better decisions. With a 360-degree real time view, our analysis identifies clear opportunities to achieve your waste and recycling sustainability goals.


Partner Power

RecycleSmart has established the largest, and best, nation-wide vendor (hauler) network. This enables us to negotiate the lowest price, and the right partner, for you. It also allows us to gracefully manage any complications that may arise.

Happy People

We're peoples-people (is that a thing people say?) and one of our main values is collaboration.  That means, when you work with us, we're there to listen and to help. Here's just a few of our happy customers:


Kevin McCarty

Senior Specialist, CSR, Kal Tire

"The time, money and back-end effort saved is a win for me. Combine that with their team’s contagious passion for what they do, we have a solid collaboration."

price tag

Troy Stoushnow,

Operations Manager, Sunridge Mall

"RecycleSmart are like-minded sustainability partners in waste and energy reduction. Working with them, we have radically improved our waste diversion rate from landfill, from 13% to over 80%, all in less than a year."


Melissa Jacobs

Director, Sustainability,
First Capital Management Services 

"RecycleSmart allows my team to partner with the leader in Waste, Recycling and Sustainability initiatives in Canada. The time and money we have saved are results we are proud of."


Looking to improve your waste and recycling performance?

Better data = better decisions. With a 360-degree real time view, the RecycleSmart data system identifies clear opportunities to achieve your waste and recycling sustainability goals. Get a demo and see just how simple it is to measure, monitor and improve using real time data!
Eliminate cost of unnecessary collection, and manage recycling and waste data through an innovative web-based remote monitoring platform

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